Ormeus Global -New crypto to watch

Ormeus Global,Another new crypto currency enters in to crypto world with different approach.Ormeus based from Hongkong and has been listed in coinmarketcap.Ormeus is a ERC 20 tokens which company has offered ICO model for customers.Later company has been listed in main exchanges like HITBTC,CRYPTOPIA,CCEC where anybody trade ormeus coins.

The Bitcoin reserve known as the Ormeus Reserve Vault (hereafter “ORV”) is a multisignature Bitcoin wallet funded by the ongoing industrial Bitcoin mining operations of Ormeus Global.
These operations have an initial baseline hashing power of 30 PH/s. This hashrate will be continuously upgraded by allocating proceeds derived from the sale of ORME tokens.

Unlike other static (or semi-static) Bitcoin-backed cryptocurrencies (which are historically highly speculative in nature and backed by token sales alone) Ormeus Coin will be backed both by token sales and a geographically diverse industrial cryptocurrency mining operation. This predefined mechanism to facilitate the continual accumulation of hashing power will result in the ORV having a constantly increasing reserve store of Bitcoin which effectively distinguishes ORME as a stable store-of-value.

With its motto of “discover your center”, Ormeus Global is the first-ever direct sales company offering a full cryptocurrency mastery course, cryptocurrency trading resources, and products that support health and wealth-building opportunities.

The name “Ormeus” is a play on the word orme, the term used for the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir of Life. It is the magical stone that generates health, wellness, wealth, and long life to the one who possesses it.

“At Ormeus Global, our mission is you,” said CEO Rick Fleshman. “It’s your potential. Members are part of a global movement to seek out potential and improve the lives of anyone who is interested in being their best – physically, spiritually, educationally, financially, all of it.”

The Ormeus Global product line includes InnerQuest, an engaging, interactive, and feature-rich learning ecosystem. It’s online learning with a twist. The flagship course, Cryptocurrency Mastery, features in-depth, interactive lessons about the emerging world of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency trading, mining, and more. It’s packed with information presented in an engaging, feature-rich learning platform.

In addition to Inner Quest, Ormeus offers several other products. Ormeus Master Trader deposits Bitcoin into a secure account that actually mirrors the trades of a top professional Forex Trader. 2xB89, an algorithmic trading “bot”, makes automatic Bitcoin trades to build wealth. Products in the Ormeus Qi line include hologram patches and other products that support energetic wellness, and many are similar to those used by Olympic-level athletes.

In direct selling distributors can earn with 8 types of income such retail commission,Fast start bonus,Team bonus,Quick start bonus,Matching bonus,Infinity bonus,Builders pool,Lifestyle bonus.Soon ormeus will introduce more services to use of the coins.

Symbol: ORME

Total supply: 200,000,000

Exchanges: Hitbtc,Cyrptopia,C-CEX
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