Amazon told not to sell Modicare products !!!

The Delhi High Court issued an interim order restraining Amazon Seller Services from selling products of Modicare after the Delhi-based direct selling company filed a case alleging that is illegally selling Modicare products on its platform,

Modicare is owned by New Delhi businessman Samir Modi who is also the founder of Colorbar cosmetics range and Twenty Four Seven chain of convenience stores.

In the lawsuit, Modicare is arguing that it is a direct selling company and its products are not allowed to be sold on e-commerce sites and can be only sold through direct selling modes, the source said. “You can sell from customer to customer but you can’t sell them online,” said the person familiar. “Even as per direct selling guidelines, online portals have to seek permission from direct selling companies to sell their products online, which Amazon didn’t have.”

Modicare products including Noni juice concentrate, whitening cream, soaps, fairness gel, calcium tablets, bathroom cleaners, detergents, among dozens of other products, were listed on Modicare is the latest direct selling company after Amway and Vestige to challenge e-commerce sites.
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  Amazon told not to sell Modicare products !!!
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