Direct selling is a successful retail model !!!

Direct selling is customised and personalised distribution channel offered by direct marketing have largely remained resilient to recent economic fluctuations. The key feature of a direct sales company lies in its face-to-face marketing and sales of quality products while providing a platform for empowering entrepreneurs.

A successful retail model

Direct selling is a dynamic distribution channel, which promotes cost-effectiveness for organisations since it introduces premium quality products to the market with limited marketing and advertising spending. The direct seller makes a profit by buying products from the parent organisation and selling it directly to the consumer without third-party intervention. The industry is growing rapidly at 12.1% every year. In FY 2018-19, the numbers of direct sellers in India stood at 5.7 million. These numbers are estimated to grow exponentially to 18.1 million by 2025.

Launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs

Although direct marketing is a relatively new concept in India, the industry has provided self-employment opportunities to over 5 million people, of which nearly 60% are women in less than two decades. The sector plays a critical role in empowering women by offering an opportunity for financial independence. Overcoming various challenges related to home management, childcare, and travel limitations, women have explored their potential and proved their mettle in direct marketing. There are almost 2.1 million women today who are at the center of this industry and have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs. Besides providing additional income opportunities to direct sellers, this model also generates direct employment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Setting benchmarks of excellence in direct selling

The growing Indian market has attracted numerous local and global direct selling companies across various segments. Although the industry came into existence in the country in the early 1980s, it catapulted a decade later after India invited global brands to its markets. Health and Wellness is currently the biggest category capturing 47% share in the industry with Herbalife Nutrition owning the largest share of the direct selling market.
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  Direct selling is a successful retail model !!!
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