Koinex to launch two crypto-assets in India

Koinex, a digital assets exchange, will list two global crypto-assets — OmiseGO (OMG) and Request (REQ) — on its exchange and enabling trading in them from February 23.

This would be the first time Request would be available for trading in India, while OMG has been in the Indian market for the past few months.

Both these tokens are sought-after assets in the global markets due to their efficient and future-ready technology, which promises to bring a disruptive innovation in the areas of online payments, banking and e-commerce.

“The overall crypto-market is at an exciting juncture at this point in time and the optimistic outlook of the global digital-assets sector is slowly rubbing on the domestic market here. After careful evaluation, we have brought these tokens to the Indian market and we are very buoyant and assured that they will gain a lot of market prominence in the near future,” Rahul Raj, Co-Founder and CEO, Koinex, said.

OMG and Request are based on the Ethereum platform, and according to certain reports OMG currently has the sixth highest market cap among Ethereum projects in the world and the first such project to exceed $1 billion valuation.

A token built for online transactions (sale and purchase of goods and services) is a crypto-currency, while a token built to be used on the proprietary blockchain product or platform is a utility token.

In India, all of these are clubbed together into crypto-assets (same as commodities to be traded).
Posted On: Feb 21, 2018

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