New Crypto Exchanges launched

Now in India crypto currency market is growing very fast.Daily new persons starting buying and selling cryto assets.There are some exchanges in India where investors can buy crypto assets in that exchanges.Now after getting awareness on bitcoin several people interesting to buy crypto in exchanges.

Zebpay,Unocoin,Belfrics,Koinex,Coindelta,Bitbns and some more exchanges are operating in India. Everymonth some new exchanges has been launching.


Bangalore based Instacrypto started operations recently.It is unique model crypto asset exchange. Becuase all exchanges are open book order type exchanges but this exchange is giving unique experience to the investors.Invesotr can buy BTC,LTC other crypto assets by put order like purchase an item in shopping cart.They will get BTC to their wallet address.It is unique experience.


Wazirx has been launched in March.It has been launched its own crypto asset and they have given it free for every register person.First 24 days there is no trading fees in this exchange.Btc,Ltc,Dash coins can trade in wazirx exchange.Some more crypto assets will be added soon.


Bangalore based PAYLEO launched their crypto asset exchange recently.They are giving easy method to register and instant ekyc.Btc,Ltc,Bch,Eth crypto assets can be trade in this exchange.Some more crypto assets will be add soon.

Some more new exchange will also launch in next few months in India.
Posted On: Mar 17, 2018

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