Assocham seeks speedy implementation of direct selling guidelines

Assocham asked the centre to speedily implement direct selling guidelines to facilitate ease of doing business in this sector.

"The Department of Consumer Affairs must advise all states for speedy implementation of the Centre's direct selling guidelines in letter and spirit as that would help in recognizing the sector and removing all misconceptions," the chamber said in a statement.

Direct selling industry is often mistaken as pyramid and money circulation scheme which adversely affects its growth, it said.

Assocham suggested that the Centre refurbish status of direct sellers and entrepreneurs by introducing necessary regulations and policy reforms to facilitate growth of the USD 1 billion worth direct selling industry.

"Direct selling sector is also facing credit related challenges as most banks do not recognizing direct selling business as an entrepreneurial venture which leads to rejection of credit and loan sanction for the industry," it added.
Posted On: May 05, 2018

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