SUZUION Launches Alkaline Water Ionizers, with Korean Technology.

SUZUION Launches Alkaline Water Ionizers in India.Suzuion launching its products in Indian market with customized technology as per Indian ,tap, and ground water conditions. Suzuion launching four kinds of alkaline products first of its kind in the world.1. Domestic water Ionizers,2.Industrial water Ionizers, 3.Commercial water ionizers, and 4.Corporate water ionizers ( Alkaline Water Vending Machines ).

That the CEO Mr. Ramesh Gardas announces they have agreement with two Korean companies, IONPEA Co LTD, and Alkamedi Co Ltd ,to supply the technology.

Suzuion launching SUZU WATER ATMS , which is more useful for common people, who cannot afford to buy a alkaline machine, they can buy a Alkaline water at Rs.10/- per liter from SUZU WATER ATM’s. He is further added that the water is more useful to improve the health, and its an anti-aging product , it heals , prevents many chronic disease like diabetes ,cancer, Psoriasis, there are many proven testimonials are available in the world.

SUZUION is a professional manufacturer of water ionizer and water filtration systems. Our manufacturing company, Suzuion Technologies Pvt Ltd., was established in 2018 ,with office and warehouses located in Secunderabad, Hyderabad,TS.India. We are an Indian company with a young staff of experienced engineers and diligent sales people.

"With over 20 years of expertise of Reverse Osmosis systems, domestic and industrial, and STP and other water purification systems, SUZUION have accomplished in all areas of manufacturing water ionizer right from design, production and quality assurance. Suzuion is capable of domestic ,commercial and industrial, and corporate use water ionizers manufacture, right from design, production and quality assurance services.said ceo Ramesh Gardas.

In recent years, we have seen customer awareness increase, markets grow and our sales increase. We will continue to strengthen our R&D resources in India and offer improved service to more customers to shorten the distance between ourselves and the market and integrate the market's various demands into our new products.

Suzuion ceo Ramesh says" We focus on innovation and plan to introduce new products every year. Our R&D aims to satisfy customer needs and develop environmentally friendly products. We continue to improve the usefulness and reliability of our products and provide advance suitable Alkaline water for human consumption. We believe our duty is to be earth friendly." We are specialized in Customization of Alkaline Ionizer machines as per Indian water conditions, We have designed our own technology, ALKALINE WATER SUPPORT UNIT patent (Pending) Technology , and ALKALINE WATER Post -Unit Patent ( Pending ) Technology ,without this its not advised to use Alkaline ionizer in India . We are the first company in the world to designed Alkaline water ATM / Vending machines, planning to install all public utility places like railway, bus stations, shopping malls etc ..

Company plans to expand its operations allover India.Product sales will be through Distributors,Dealers and direct selling model.Company plan to open water atms allover India.More alkaline products will be introduced soon.

Alkaline information and product information :
Posted On: Jun 16, 2018

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  SUZUION Launches Alkaline Water Ionizers, with Korean Technology.
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