New launchings

Recently some companies have been launched in direct selling industry allover India.Some with unique products and different plans.

Here are the recentaly launched concepts/products


with Meat,Biriyani,Chicken one company has been launched its concept.Buy 1kg Meat or Family pack biriyani and become distributor of the company and earn with level plan..Biriyani can be delivered to home once placed the order.Now it is in Hyderabad,Chennai,Bangalore.Manage,ent pln to expand all major cities.


Remax Marketing marketing company has been launched their concept recently. Alovera products and General health care products has introduced by the company in the plan.Distributors can earn with binary plan.


Xpay has launched their concept with unique game.A person whoever joined the concept can play the game and earn daily income.Company plan to introduce every hour one game.Also looking for expansion allover India.
Posted On: Jul 12, 2018

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  New launchings
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