Kamya Lifestyle launches new products

Kamya Lifestyle Marketing has introduced new products.Kamya Lifestyle started its business with Alkaline products such as Alkaline water pot,Alkaline stick,B12 filter.Company has introduced unique plan to market those products.Kamya Lifestyle has appointed franchisees for service of these products.Company network expanded to AP,Karntaka,Telangana,Gujarat,Maharstra.It has plans to expand to other states also.

"Alkaline is the latest technology product where it will give more health benefits.Alkaline water has several health benefits which it is necessary product for every household now a days.So we intorudced kamya alkaline products at very reasonable price to buy.With our alkaline product machines and pot can get health benefits and with our plan wealth benefits.Helath and Wealth is our aim.we will introduce more products"said Management.

Now Kamya LIfestyle introduced new products.

Kamya Stemcell Drops

Kamya Stem Cell Drops may help to maintain healthy levels of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body which may further help to increase energy levels, maximize mental clarity. Additional benefits may include: helping with the treatment of cellular level, boost immune system functioning, decreased effects of aging. Each drop of Stem Cell contains a steady diet of hydrogen, 78+natural minerals and trace elements, 7 enzymes, and 21 amino acids.

Kamya Vitamin D3 Drops

Energy Vitamin D3 is enriched with seaweeds and mushrooms which are a rich source of Vitamin D3, scientifically known as natural mood enhancer, stress reliever and has got rich anti oxidant properties. Vitamin-D3 helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus which is important for building and keeping strong bones.

Kamya Sea Buckthorn..

Sea Buckthorn has numerous health benefits include Cardiovascular, immunity, Anti Cancer, Memory, Growth, Anti Inflammatory and skin health. Sea Buckthorn contain more than 60 antioxidants and high ORAC value. Though Sea Buckthorn juice is comprised of pure Sea Buckthorn berries extract & loaded with all essential nutrients enhancing healthy immuno system functioning & cellular rejuvenation. All these health & life supporting ingredients are found in this product thus this may be added as a regular supplement to your routine life to get rid of several health complications

Company have plan to introduce more health products and franchisees allover India.
Posted On: Sep 20, 2018

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