Direct selling brands and Indian Consumers

How Direct Selling Brands Are Helping Indians Achieve Their Entrepreneurship Goals

The 1990s unlocked a hidden energy in India: now entrepreneurship is the ultimate dream that unites numberless individuals across this vast and diverse subcontinent. People revel in the idea of being their own boss and working towards their own growth...while doing something they are passionate about. Direct selling, a business model that gives individuals the freedom to pursue their passions on their own terms, has been playing a major role in making these dreams a reality.

The direct selling business model has gained strong traction in India. According to a report by the Indian Direct Selling Association, this industry grew by around 13 per cent in 2018-19. That clearly beats the sluggish energies in the overall economy—and it’s been possible only because numerous aspiring entrepreneurs have been taking the direct selling route. But what attracts them towards this sector?

Going social: The transformation of direct selling into social selling

For those with the drive and energy, direct selling offers an unparalleled avenue that combines opportunity with minimal risk. It gives aspiring entrepreneurs the power to start their own business and unfurl their full potential. And in today’s tech-enabled world, direct selling is taking on a new, more powerful avatar—social selling. These days, a majority of our networks and connections are made, enlivened and solidified through social platforms. Thus, social selling taps into this to allow entrepreneurs to create opportunities. At its heart, social selling is about making deep connections online, gaining trust and encouraging people to not just buy the products but also join the company as brand partners.

Leading brands such as Oriflame, the Swedish beauty company that’s now unlocking the power of social selling, are betting big on their strong digital presence and allowing individuals to work from the safety and convenience of their home—while flourishing in their business. On their part, social selling brands such as Oriflame empower their partners with all the tools they need to thrive as social entrepreneurs: through digital events, online sessions with experts, e-learning courses and webinars. This affords a chance to network with mentors, connect with customers and grow as entrepreneurs—all from home.

In some ways, social selling businesses such as Oriflame act like wish-granting factories in two ways. One, they introduce people to the highest quality products that make them look and feel good. And two, they help instil in them the spirit of entrepreneurship. Whether they want a full-fledged income or just additional money each month, social selling enables it.

Indeed, money is just one part of it. For many aspiring business owners, what that life holds out as a promise is a much more exciting vision: a way of living that gives them identity, freedom, expression, recognition, a desire to travel.... They engage with hundreds of peers and thousands of customers. They travel the world for conferences and meetings, receive recognition when they reach notable milestones, and also win cash rewards. Going back to Oriflame, the brand adds a third component. It empowers its brand partners to ‘look great, make money, have fun’. That is, they benefit from the brand’s beauty and wellness products—while they earn through multiple compensation plans, bonuses and cash rewards, and also have the time of their lives by travelling the world, meeting new people and gaining oodles of confidence.

Thriving in the new normal with social selling

This is the veritable future of new business. Hinged upon social connections and word-of-mouth marketing, social selling is constructing a tomorrow where brands will gain more from making meaningful connections with partners and consumers than they ever did from hard-selling their products. It is evident that social selling is for anyone and everyone, and everything is possible once you begin your journey, deepen your connections, and build your credibility. All you need is strength and focus, and this can become a turning point in your lives. So, what are you waiting for? Make that change today and start your social selling adventure!

Source: outlook
Posted On: Feb 13, 2021

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