Direct Selling Industry Creates Self Employment !!!

The direct selling industry in India is on the rise. It has contributed immensely towards self-employment generation or say entrepreneurship. The growth in the sector is mainly driven by women, thanks to the work flexibility in terms of time and space, innovation and evolution that keep the model of business alive.

Direct selling is basically a business model wherein a seller earns profit by buying products from the parent company and selling it directly to the consumers. There is no third-party involved and this makes the model profitable and viable.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), the direct selling industry growth in India has an estimated 53 per cent of female entrepreneurs as they are actively engaged in over $1.5 billion industry. This model allows women to build their own businesses through direct selling products right from household goods, supplements, cosmetics and almost everything.

But the direct selling business model has its own challenges and perks as well. It is rightly said that challenges are meant to make you stronger and those who understand this and manage to overcome difficulties are successful tips for direct selling:

TARGET AUDIENCE: Every business has a specific target audience. Identify the subject and reach out to them. Knowing the target makes the task easy and helps in narrowing down efforts.

COMMUNICATION & DEMONSTRATION: Communication plays a key role in dealing with clients on a personal level and this makes the process very engaging. Demonstration is critical in direct selling business and this is where it becomes effective.

BRAND: Once you know your audience, distinguish yourself with unique branding. Always follow up with prospects to create personal and strategic partnerships.

RISK: The risk here is very low as cost involvement is minimal. Those involved in the business have the freedom to approach new people every day in innovative ways. In today's digital world, people are easily accessible and it provides deeper penetration into rural areas as well.

TECHNOLOGY: The rise in India's direct selling industry has been exponential in the last few years and it is bound to grow further. Although the business model comes with a long history, the right use of technology has added wings to accelerating the economy and moving from the corporate world to self-employment.

The growth in the industry is phenomenal and women are the driving force as the sector provides them ample opportunity to make profits and balance their professional and personal lives.
Posted On: Dec 17, 2022

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  Direct Selling Industry Creates Self Employment !!!
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