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  Govt plan to setup a regulator to monitor Direct Selling

  In order to protect the interest of consumers, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is planning to set up a regulator to monitor the online sale of goods, including direct selling of products.

The Consumer Protection Bill of 2015, which replaces the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, seeks widen the ambit and proposes to set up an executive agency to be known as the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA). The CCPA seeks to promote, protect and enforce the rights of consumers, intervene when necessary to prevent consumer detriment arising from unfair trade practices and initiate class action including enforcing refunds, and the recall and return of products.

The CCPA seems to fill an institutional void in the current regulatory regime. This has been provided for in a manner that the role envisaged for the CCPA complements that of the sector regulators and duplication, overlap or potential conflict is avoided.

The major objectives of the Consumer Protection Bill include modernisation of legislation on consumer protection to keep pace with the changes in markets; ensuring fair, equitable and consistent outcomes for consumers; enabling swift executive intervention in the nature of class action both, to prevent consumer detriment and to provide redress to consumers.

The bill also recognises the emergence of global supply chains, rise in international trade and the rapid development of e-commerce which have led to new delivery systems for goods and services and have provided new options and opportunities for consumers.

This equally raises the need to mitigate for vulnerable consumers to new forms of unfair trade and unethical business practices (to use the language of the Bill in canvassing its objects and reasons). However this is a clear and positive sign that legislation is now catching up to emerging forms of businesses/industries and especially the direct selling industry in India, said the official.

This regulate will help to direct selling companies and consumers.Direct selling industry welcomes the move by the govt and asked govt to more support.

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  Posted On: Aug 27, 2017

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