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  Fargo coin launches in India and tie up with Hotels and Flights

  Us based crypto currency FARGO COIN has been launched in India.Fargocoin has been officially launched in US in March 2017.Fargo coin is a proof of stake coin and has been tie up with Hotels nearly 250000 and Flights allover the world.Fargo coin has own exchange where anybody can buy and sell with btc and us dolors.

Fargocoin has been launched Affiliate program and earn with this mining plan.

If wants to join they have to buy FargoCoins from exchanges and join through one of seven offered affiliate packages:

*Silver – invest 10 FargoCoins and receive 100 tokens

*Gold – invest 40 FargoCoins and receive 400 tokens

*Diamond – invest 100 FargoCoins and receive 1000 tokens

*Platinum – invest 200 FargoCoins and receive 2000 tokens

*Titanium – invest 400 FargoCoins and receive 4000 tokens

*VIP – invest 1000 FargoCoins and receive 10,000 tokens

*Trader – invest 3000 FargoCoins and receive 30,000 tokens

Tokens are converted to FargoCoins through BeFargo itself.

BeFargo affiliates are paid a direct commission when they recruit new affiliates who invest.

Fargo coin introduced binaryplan and commission will be paid through Fargocoins

#Silver to Titanium affiliates earn a 10% commission

#VIP affiliates earn 12%

#Trader affiliates earn 15%


Silver – 70 FargoCoins

Gold – 280 FargoCoins

Diamond – 700 FargoCoins

Platinum – 1400 FargoCoins

Titanium – 2800 FargoCoins

VIP – 7000 FargoCoins

Trader – 21,000 FargoCoins

Matching Bonus:

BeFargo affiliates receive a Matching Bonus on commissions paid to their downline.

The Matching Bonus is tracked via a unilevel compensation structure.

BeFargo pay the Matching Bonus down five levels.

#Silver affiliates do not receive a Matching Bonus

#Gold affiliates receive a one level Matching Bonus

#Diamond affiliates receive the Matching Bonus down two levels of recruitment

#Platinum affiliates receive the Matching Bonus down three levels of recruitment

#Titanium affiliates receive the Matching Bonus down four levels of recruitment

#VIP and Trader affiliates receive the Matching Bonus down five levels of recruitment

Rank Bonus:

BeFargo pay affiliates the following Rank Achievement Bonuses when they qualify at the Fargo Senior and higher ranks for the first time:

*Fargo Senior – $350
*Fargo Director – $1000
*Fargo Vice President – $5000
*Fargo President – $25,000
*Fargo Council – $125,000
*Fargo Diamond – $1,000,000

How to join:

BeFargo affiliates membership is 5 FargoCoins plus into one of seven offered affiliate packages:

*Silver – 10 FargoCoins

*Gold – 40 FargoCoins

*Diamond – 100 FargoCoins

*Platinum – 200 FargoCoins

*Titanium – 400 FargoCoins

*VIP – 1000 FargoCoins

*Trader – 3000 FargoCoin

According to the FargoCoin blockchain, and coinmarket cap the current value of the coins is $ 6.73 SD each. CoinMarketCap list a total supply of 460,372,247 FargoCoins.

Fargocoin website

Hotel and Flight bookings

Fargo blockchain

Affliate marketing

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  Posted On: Sep 10, 2017

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