Jabardast company launched

2700 me 1000 10 pair car Free Joining Free Joining :: No registration cost Once you activate your Id you will be getting a health Product Product Cost : 2700 INR, courier charge : 200 INR Earning Opportunity of more than 10k per Day Binary Income : Topup Package Amount 2700 INR Binary Pair Matching Income 1000 INR 1st Pair 1:2 or 2:1 then 1:1 (Unlimited Depth) One can sponsor unlimited Members Capping 10 pair per Day Weekly Payout Deduction : Admin Charges 15% TDS Deduction : 5% Awards & Rewards : Once you have 50 matched Pairs you will get paid 10,000 INR For 100 Pairs :: 20,000 INR For 250 Pairs :: 50,000 INR For 500 Pairs :: 1,25,000 INR For 1000 Pairs :: 3,00,000 INR For 2500 Pairs :: 7,50,000 INR For 5000 Pairs :: 15,00,000 INR For 10000 Pairs :: 40,00,000 INR For 25000 Pairs :: 1,00,00,000 INR For 50000 Pairs :: 2,00,00,000 INR For 100000 Pairs :: 5,00,00,000 INR national pramote I will provide full power line support already 500+ power line available joshi sir watsup me 8880458496

Joshi Sir


salesatflexonlive@gmail. com

Jun 13, 2018

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