Personality Developments
Attitude Makes the Difference
For success in a business or in fact anything there's one thing you especially have to factor in: - YOU. Your attitude and your approach to things determine absolutely what you will get. Many years ago, Henry Ford summed it up perfectly - "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, you are right." Focus on the Positive Successful business people develop their positive attitudes because they feed on progress. At the end of the day, instead of dragging up all the difficulties and problems that you have that day, look at what you have accomplished. Write down the two most positive things that you have achieved that day and congratulate yourself on those positive conclusions. You can always end each day on a positive note by taking note of the things you have achieved rather than by focusing on the things you wish you had achieved. It may be things that happen to you or people around you or events that proved advantageous to you. There are probably things that no one else knows anything about because they were achieved quietly during your day. So, you may be the only person to give yourself a pat on the back by acknowledging that you made progress however small. Always retain a positive attitude in your business and personal life because the characteristic of being positive is one that most successful people possess. A positive attitude does not come by accident. It is something that involves your personal choice of how to react. It is easy to react in a negative manner and decide to give up. Just remember it is just as easy to choose the positive manner and tell yourself that there is hope, that tomorrow is yet to come and that what you failed to do today you will be able to achieve the next day. Highly successful people know how to create a positive attitude for themselves. They don't just wait for it to arrive. By assuming a positive attitude on the things that happen in your business and personal life your confidence will be restored and your sense of hope will be increased. This will allow you to have a new perspective on life and encourage you to have the attitude of never giving up. When you fall, do you get right back up? Do you learn from your mistake and move on? Or do you kick yourself so hard in the butt that you just mope around for days in your Pj's and wonder why you're so miserable? The more mistakes you make, the more you learn. The more you learn the more you grow and the more likely you'll be a future bright star in the sky. The old saying "if you don't quit, you'll make it" still holds true.

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